Where Your
Russian Blue
Is Waiting For
What makes a Russian Blue so unique??

Several features of this breed make the pedigreed
Russian Blue easily identifiable and unmistakable.
Big Creek Cattery
is a Russian Blue Cattery only.
We are dedicated to raising quality, loving,
adorable Russian Blues.
Our Russian Blue kittens are home raised
with lots of love & attention from our
Our first Russian Blue kitten
Big Creek Cattery
is a
TICA  registered
We abide by the
Voluntary Code of
Our first Russian Blue kitten.
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of our kittens
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Silver-tipped hair that give a luminous or silvery sheen
to the coat.
Pale blue, dense, and lush double coat.
Emerald green eyes
That beautiful Russian Blue smile
Russian Blue Kittens at
The Big Creek Cattery
Little Russian Blue kitten
Big Creek Cattery
Kittens & Cats
are fed
Disclaimer: We purchased the domain name www.russianbluecattery.com
from a previous Russian Blue breeder but are not affiliated in any way with that
breeder. We are not and have not been in partnership with that breeder and
operate outside of any relationship with that breeder.
Thank you.
Russian Blue boys
Momma and baby Russian Blues

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Russian Blue sleeping.
Silouette of Russian Blue cat.
The Lill Russian  Blue boys.
Big Creek Cattery
has been raising
Russian Blue kittens
since 2006.
FYI....Russian Blue kitten's eyes are blue
when they are born. They start to turn
green around 10 weeks old and continue
getting greener their entire first year.
Contact us for information about being
placed on the 2014 waiting list.