Where Your Russian Blue is Waiting  for you!

Some of our Kittens in their New Homes.

We have been raising Russian Blue Kittens since 2006

We are sad to say that due to a change in family circumstances we will no longer be breeding Russian Blues. We have enjoyed 10 years of providing kittens for loving homes and will miss it greatly. We will leave our site up for some time as we have some young adults we are looking for homes for. 
  The Russian Blue is ideal for those who lead a quiet, subtle, calm lifestyle. Russians are highly intelligent and can be very playful and entertaining. They frequently amuse themselves with toys when left alone but are ready and willing to give you their undivided attention when you are around. They are definitely a "cat lovers" cat!

Big Creek Cattery is an exclusive Russian Blue Cattery located in a rural area south of Kansas City, Missouri. We love the Russian Blue breed and our family is dedicated to raising healthy, quality & loving pets so that others can experience the quiet and affectionate devotion of the Russian Blue. 


  • Silver-tipped fur that gives a luminous or silvery sheen to the coat
  • Pale blue, dense, and lush double coat
  • Emerald green eyes
  • That beautiful Russian Blue smile


What makes a Russian Blue so unique?

Big Creek Cattery